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A Memorandum of mutual understanding has been signed between the BelBrand (Belarus) and the RusBrand (Russia) Associations

On 19 November between the BelBrand (Belarus) and the RusBrand (Russia) Associations was signed the Memorandum of mutual understanding.

A ceremony of subscription was held within the framework of the 6th International Forum “Anti-Counterfeiting 2018”.

The RusBrand Association is the first-rate Russian association of manufacturers of consumer commodities that unites more than 50 leading domestic and international companies. Investments of enterprises-members of the RusBrand in the economy of the Russian Federation exceed 18 billion of US dollars. Have been established and run more than 150 enterprises, created more than 90 000 jobs, an annual total turnover of the Association at the lowest estimates more than 30 billion of US dollars. The association composes from the first-string advertisers of the national market of a television advertisement. In whole, the members of the community represent more than 58% of the market of a television advertisement.

According to the signed memorandum, organizations enter into commitment to: develop a policy of the responsible utilization of intellectual property assets; form the climate of constructive cooperation and establish job-related discussion areas focused on the existing issues of protection of intellectual property assets; increase the educational level in respect to practical utilization of intellectual property assets; render informational, consultative, systematic assistance and provide legal support related to the trademarks, trade names, and other intellectual property assets protection matters; represent professional, legal, economic, and other interests of member organizations of both parties in bodies of state power as well as in other organizations of the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, other countries, in the institutions of the Eurasian Economic Union and in other international organizations; hold joint events aimed at protection of intellectual property rights.