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"Opportunities of Minimalism": musical, literary and artistic events held in Moscow

On May 23 and 24, 2018, the "BelBrand" Association held its "Opportunities of Minimalism" musical, literary and artistic events as part of the large-scale project "Legal Trade-Secure World".

The events took place in Moscow and the Moscow Region (in the settlement of Peredelkino). The events were attended by members of the Eurasian Creative Guild, the Professional Union of Writers of Russia, and employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation.

The choice of the topic for the creative reflection was caused by the work carried out by the Association to find the efficient means of bringing up young people in the spirit of rejecting illegal trade and distribution of counterfeit products.

The minimalism, as a tool for development and self-development focuses the attention on main things, allowing achieving greater results at minimal costs. Thus, the address to minimalism becomes a trend for the visual presentation of ideas, promotion of brands, and popularization of some product against the background of the diversity of goods and the colourfulness of their designs and packing.

Anna Bizhik, the coordinator of projects in the field of fine arts of the "BelBrand" Association, and Alexander Parshenkov, a young poet, made their presentations on the prospects of using the minimalism in arts and literature for creating strong brands.