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The "M.Video" is the Russia's leading retail network selling electronics and household appliances and one of major Europe's companies in the segment

Agency for Intellectual Property Protection "Belbrand Consult"

The "BelBrand Consult" Agency for Intellectual Property Protection specializes in providing professional services in the sphere of protecting and managing the rights on intellectual property items in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The professional team of the Agency consists of highly experienced patent attorneys and lawyers.

International Musical "BelBrand Award"

The International Musical "BelBrand Award" was established by the "BelBrand" Association for Intellectual Property Protection under the patronage of the Eurasian Economic Commission with the aim to support gifted young performers of classical music

BelBrand Presents

The "BelBrand Presents" is a contest Internet-based platform intended for implementing youth projects, and developments and initiatives in the spheres of sciences, arts, literature and education


The efforts of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) are aimed at creating and strengthening the accountability institutes and involving broad population in reform processes. Based on private sector's initiatives, the CIPE contributes to the improvement of governance mechanisms and standards, and strengthens the links of ethical norms with the rule of law principles


The mission of the Public Association "Belarusian Republic's Youth Union" (known as BRSM) is to create conditions for the all-round development of young people, realization of their creative potentials, and promotion of the development of Belarus' civil society, based on patriotic, spiritual and moral values

"RusBrand" Partnership

The "RusBrand" Non-Commercial Partnership of Branded Goods Manufacturers was established in 2002 and is the largest Russian association of manufacturers of consumer goods, uniting over 50 leading domestic and international companies


The International Trademark Association (INTA) is the global association of trademark owners and professionals intended to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property with the view to protect consumers and to promote fair and effective trade


The Belarusian National Confederation of Entrepreneurship (BNCE) is the first Belarus' organization with the mission to promote the progress of members of regional business unions

LLC "ARSmix"

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) "ARSmix" is engaged organizing international and regional concerts of academic, classical and popular music, festivals, competitions, urban and professional holidays, tours, awards, and cultural and social events


The State Institution "Belarusian Institute for Systemic Analysis and Informational Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere" (BelISA) under the State Committee on Sciences and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus (GKNT) was created for systemic analysis of the status and development trends of the scientific and technical sphere, conducting scientific research and design works, and for scientific and informational support of the GKNT


The "KazBrand" Kazakhstan Association of Trademark Owners is a voluntary association of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in production and sale of their goods, goods of famous foreign brands, as well as in performing works and rendering services in the sphere of intellectual property protection

LLC "Vicar Exclusive"

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) "Vicar Exclusive" specializes in sale of cardboard and paper for polygraphy and advertising, such as designers' paper and cardboard, office white and coloured paper, coloured and white tracing paper, self-adhesive materials, paper for digital printing, envelopes, and paper kraft bags; it also offers a range of printing services

LLC "Beiersdorf"

The NIVEA brand of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) "Beiersdorf" has over 100 years of history and is one of the major global brands of skin-care products

MTZ Palace of Culture

MTZ Palace of Culture The Palace of Culture, a branch of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Minsk Tractor Works" (MTZ brand), is a focus of cultural life for many districts of Minsk City. It holds numerous annual contests and festivals, and houses more than twenty creative companies, circles and studios for children and adults; many of them bear the titles of merited, people's are classical (sample) ones