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Office 330, 23/1 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 220004

Objectives of the Association


Our mission:

Protection of intellectual property

Our tasks:

- To provide the informational, consultative and methodological help and legal support to members of the Association in protecting their trademarks, company names and other intellectual property objects;

- To represent the professional, legal, economic and other interests of the Association members in the bodies of state power and other organizations of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries, both within the structures of the Eurasian Economic Union and other international organizations.

Our values and methods:

- Promotion of national brands;

- Advocacy in favour of national rightholders on modern integration platforms (United Economic Area, Customs Union, etc.);

- Formation of the policy of responsible use of intellectual property;

- Creation of a professional discussion platform and atmosphere of constructive cooperation on issues of security and protection of intellectual property;

- Improvement of awareness and educational level of practical use of intellectual property.